Connecting What Matters

For more than 140 years, Cincinnati Bell has been keeping customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana connected with each other and with the world. Now, Fioptics provides lasting and imperative lightning speed internet connections all over town to consumers and organizations that depend on it most.

Why Fioptics?

Why Fioptics

"We are the most unique city from the standpoint of fiber penetration than anywhere in the United States. If you think about what that does, it makes Cincinnati relevant" - Leigh Fox, CEO, Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Fioptics is the future of communications technology, and offering speeds up to 1 Gbps, it is THE fastest Internet in town. What Fioptics really does, though, is connect the community.

This unparalled technology is used to provide internet to local businesses and organizations like Braxton Brewery, to provide enough speed and bandwidth to support the one-to-one device to student ratio at Taft Information Technology High School, and to keep families connected at Ronald McDonald House so they can focus on their child's health.

Those are just a few ways Fioptics is truly connecting what matters in Greater Cincinnati. See how it can connect what matters most to you. 


Fiber Technology

You hear the term but may wonder, what exactly IS fiber technology? And why is it such a big deal?

Fiber technology uses a cable, made up of thin strands of glass or plastic fibers, to transmit data modulated onto light waves. Just one strand is less than a tenth as thick as a human hair and can carry tens of thousands of telephone calls at any given time. That’s just ONE strand. An entire cable fiber cable can carry up to several MILLION calls simultaneously. Kind of impressive!

So, fiber technology is important, but just how important? Very. In fact, Cincinnati Bell invested nearly half a billion dollars in Fioptics over the past decade. We did this because our customers need it. What this provides is an unparalleled experience of speed and bandwidth for our customers. 

  • Stream HD video content from Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming video services with no delays or buffering.
  • Play online games in HD with high-quality video content and smooth connections.
  • Enjoy your favorite music, streamed from the cloud, with uninterrupted crystal clear sound quality. 
  • Support all devices in your home at the same time. Stream 10 HD movies, video chat with FaceTime, upload hundreds of photos, stream music from Pandora, and perform multi-player online gaming all at the same time.
Fiber Technology
Stop Being Frustrated with Your Internet Speed!

Stop Being Frustrated with Your Internet Speed!

Excessive buffering? Slow downloads? Missing your favorite shows because you can’t stream when and where you want?

You don’t have to put up with it anymore.

With Fioptics, you can start enjoying speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This means you can stay connected!

  • Download and/or Stream HD video content instantly and seamlessly, with minimal or no buffering. Record, stream, and watch your favorite content anytime you want.
  • Support all of your devices and multiple users. One person live streaming an HD movie, another uploading whole libraries, and another gaming with four buddies won’t keep you from catching up on the full season of your favorite show on your iPad. Everyone can enjoy what they want, when they want!
  • Never worry about losing a memory. You can easily upload, download, copy and share photos to and from the cloud and do it all in seconds instead of minutes or hours.
  • Online shopping, reading digital magazines, watching sports, or searching for recipes – web browsing has never been easier, with instant page changes and no buffering. 
  • Dominate online gaming. Forget about lag and latency – 1 Gbps Internet allows you to play uninterrupted on a stable connection with no buffering.
  • Small businesses now have access to virtually unlimited bandwidth at an affordable rate, providing growth possibilities for entrepreneurs, startups, and accelerator communities. The fastest internet in town increases productivity with your cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps.
  • Maintain productivity working from home. Downloading large files for work? Whether large CAD designs or a 1,000 page legal document, 1 Gbps Internet saves you time and makes you more efficient.
  • The future awaits.  One day soon you may be able to experience virtual doctor visits, remote access to the classroom, and even live participation in civic events, right from your living room! All thanks to 1 Gbps speed.

Not sure about your current Internet speed? Take the Ookla Speedtest and find out right now!

Take Your Favorite Entertainment with You

Once upon a time, the only way to catch your favorite shows and movies was in front of a television screen at home. But those days are over.

Fioptics TV Everywhere makes enjoying and streaming entertainment on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as easy as a couple of clicks.

Find the channel you wish to watch on your device and download the mobile app, select Cincinnati Bell Fioptics as your provider, then login using your Cincinnati Bell My Account username and password. Just remember, the channel you try to access must be one in your programming package. Check here to make sure your channel is available on your computer or mobile device.

And, you don't have to be away from home to enjoy the benefits of streaming. Stream programming, games, and music from one device to another right at home. This means that, using your Wi-Fi connection, you can watch a movie saved to your laptop right on your television in the next room. Or play music saved to your mobile device to your wireless speakers. Streaming makes all of your entertainment, regardless of the device on which it lives, accessible throughout your home.

Take Your Favorite  Entertainment with You
Get Connected,  All Over Town, with Connect Cincinnati

Get Connected, All Over Town, with Connect Cincinnati

Staying connected just got easier with Connect Cincinnati.

Connect Cincinnati is the first city-wide, free mobile app connecting consumers, businesses and the community. Special offers and deals to your favorite locations around the city, including exclusive offers for Cincinnati Bell customers only!

  • Info on nearby attractions and deals, like happy hour specials and events.
  • Exclusive content, behind the scenes footage, live streaming events, videos, and virtual guided tours.

Not to mention the speed of Fioptics Free Wi-Fi.

It’s kind of a Gig deal

Learn more about how 1 Gigabit internet speed can dramatically change the way you connect and bring the world into your home.